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Google Etronics and you will find numerous complaints about this scam operation. They are a front for getting your credit card info and selling it. Check your credit card statements IF you bought anything from this company. is a scam and they sell grey market, refurbished, broken junk without telling you until you get it. Try returning the junk and getting reimbursed. Rude, crude, scam operators. AVOID THIS COMPANY. Check your credit card statements for other unauthorized charges that etronics sold to other companies.

Hustler: Etronics is a Hustler. This web site WILL SELL your Credit card number, To a Mass Marketing Dummy Holding Corporation (Trilegiant) They in turn Will Hit your Credit Card for $10.99 per Month as a membership Fee. The Front for them is:

"Cendant Corporation" Cendant then uses Other names, Some listed And Many Others not listed.

Great Fun, Macy's Hot-Line

National Card Registry


Pet Privileges


Sears Discount Travel Club

Shoppers Advantage

Small Business Central

Today's Homeowner Values

Travel ER

Note: Check you Credit card everyday when buying online. Some Customers don't notice the Extra Charges Slipped in on them by these *** men.

Monetary Loss: $111.

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Anyone scammed by this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam. (It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

Trilegiant is the company behind the abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.


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